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  • The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory became the partner with ISTD in the U.S.-China Eco Partnerships Program.

  • Our researcher has attended the U.S.-China Eco Partnerships Program Conference and made a representative speech

  • Our researcher has participated in the Eco Forum Global annual conference of Guiyang and given the special topic presentation.

  • The 9th China policy and management of science and technology academic annual conference had been undertaken successfully.

  • National soft science project, important issues of the development of science and technology research on The Yellow River delta efficient ecological economic zone, has passed the acceptance.

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Institute of Science and Technology for Development of Shandong (ISTD), was established in June 1984, under the leadership of the Shandong Academy of Sciences (SDAS). It is a provincial research institute devoted to studying science and technologies in order to promote economic, social, and regional sustainable development, as well as providing decision support for governments. ISTD conducts theoretical and empirical studies on science and technology policies, resource and environment, economy and industries, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Thus the ISTD consists of four research departments, Science and Technology Policy, Resource and Environment, Economics and Industry, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It has Soft Science Research Base for Science and Technology Innovation of Shandong Province, Key Laboratory of Shandong Academy of Science in Scientific Decision Supporting, Research Center of Shandong Academy of Science for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Research Center of Shandong Academy of Science for Tackling Climate Change,and Science of Science and Technology Management Research Association of Shandong Province. In addition, ISTD is the home to the journal Science and Management, a formal academic journal with national standard ISSN.

ISTD has a relatively comprehensive team, with over 50 staff, including 7 professors and 15 associate professors. Meanwhile 18 of the staff have Doctorate degree and 17 Master, mainly in science and technology management, management science and engineering, computer science, resources and energy, etc. ISTD has signed agreements for long-term exchanges and cooperation with some famous institutions such as Stanford University,University of California at Berkeley,Oxford, Syracuse University in New York and Nagoya University in Japan, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University , Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology; and some well-known experts are invited as researchers and advisors. ISTD has carried out all-around cooperation with these institutions by talent exchange, joint projects, platform construction, Journal development, and so on. In addition, it also commits to building postgraduate educational base and conducting jointly training programs, supplying excellent talents in scientific research for the society.